Massachusetts Raptor Center

The Massachusetts Raptor Center founded in October 2014 by Marla Isaac a well known presentor of educational shows and exhibits on reptiles and birds of prey. She realized that for her work to continue an organization and facility must be established. The facility would not only provide a hospital for raptors but provide a resource from which the public can learn about raptors and a place for students interested in raptors to further their educational needs.
The nature center with zoological displays allows the opportunity for trained volunteers to be educators called docents to explain to the public the natural history of raptors (birds of prey) and dispel the myths about them.
People helping wildlife and people helping people understand wildlife.

One of our mews used for ospreys. These avaries called mews are specially built to the standards set by federal regulations required for special permits to properly care for birds of prey in captivity.
Immature red tailed hawk released
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