Massachusetts Raptor Center

If you find an injured raptor?
If you find a nestling or young raptor?
Who rehabilitates raptors for release ? Warning only those who are licensed !
Bird of prey wildlife rehabilitators must have both state and federal permits.
Permits are granted after first passing a state test on wildlife rehabilitation and then must provide proof as documentation for years working with raptors, knowledge of their biology, their natural history, meet all citira on equipment and the federal standards required for raptor enclosures, have a veterinarian for medical, are well read on books on raptors, have knowledge of raptor health and disease and most of all can afford to provide proper food.
Leave it where it is, young or fledling raptors esepically owlets explore their world on the ground or in bushes as they have out grown the nest and are now develping flight feathers, stronger muscles for flight and within a week they are flying up into the trees.
If in question call a licensed wildlife rehabilitaor and report your observations they can determind if there is cause for concern.
Use gloves or a towel to pick up the bird its weapons are its feet with sharp talons so be careful. They are also fearful of you, you are a predator and they will defend themselves. You can transport in a cardboard box with air holes.
Keep the bird out of the sun and heat.
Get the bird to a wildlife rehabilitaor or veterinarain immediately time is important.